Time Unraveled

Good morning, Avengers!

I’ve just spent the past three weeks traveling the western states. Utah may have ADHD. This will only make sense if you’ve witnessed how the geology changes drastically every few miles.

We slept in the car on a hogback in Utah to watch the sun rise over the valleys.

We slept in the car on a hogback in Utah to watch the sun rise over the valleys.

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How to Lose a Habit in 21 Seconds

Good morning, Avengers!

Thrive With ADD suggests creating a ritual to replace bad habits. Coincidently, I downloaded and began using an app named—wait for it—Ritual. The app allowed you to track certain habits on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, and it provided excellent feedback to let you know how you were doing. It was fun, almost like a competition against my ADHD.
Ritual in action.

Tracking the little pieces of my life that were truly a struggle had become a ritual of its own. Every night I would put head to pillow, set my alarm, and quantify my successes and good intentions. It became a part of me, something I really enjoyed.I enjoyed it so much that I continued using it for 30 days without fail.

But then I just stopped.
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First One, Then Another (and Another, and Another … )

Good evening, Avengers!

This morning I sat down with the intention to write, and write I did. I put an address on a postcard and a few sentences about elephants on another; befitting since the postcards were from the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. Unfortunately, my blog(s) never got the attention they deserved. Enter our familiar nemesis, Frustration.

Usually, Frustration shows up unannounced, and I am powerless to let him in the door. Today was different. Today, I took a breath, recounted all the things I accomplished this morning, and gave Frustration the finger (but not out of frustration).

So remember, heroes: ADHD can hinder your view when it comes to self-accomplishment. When you sense that Frustration is lurking in the bushes, take a few minutes to really focus on what you’ve accomplished in the last hour, the last day, and the last week. You may be surprised. If not, you can always adjust.

Now, what was it that I wanted to tell CiCi about giraffes … ?

An ADHD Game Changer

This post left my head spinning. Why did the Army require so much coercion to test me for ADHD? When I finally earned my referral—the first that wasn’t a near-octogenarian—the young doctor was more than willing to put me through a small battery of computer tests, and in minutes I was diagnosed. Where are my brain scans? Shouldn’t I be screened for contributing factors?

Then I remembered … when I transition back to life as a civilian, access to true experts will be irrevocably granted—and my superpowers will pay the bill.

Peace in the Midst of Chaos

Our son was diagnosed with ADHD at age 4.  He’s 15 now and the past 11 years have been a cyclical series of ups and downs, medicine trials, therapist offices, scary situations and pure joy.  We try to find the gifts within his medical needs.  That makes life better.  Our home is fairly peaceful and our relationship with “C” is goes through the normal trials of parenting a teenager.  We have been fortunate to have family and friends who understand our son and help us to guide him in a loving way.  We educate those who don’t understand.  We educate “C” on social norms and how to handle people who don’t understand his quirks and gifts.

Despite his high I.Q.,  school has never been easy for “C”.  He was placed on a 504 plan in 4th grade.  This plan recognizes his ADHD as a disability and is designed to him the opportunity to…

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The Story of My ADHD Diagnosis

I’m the first to commend the military for their efforts in getting Servicemembers to seek out help. Counselling, for instance, is available in many forms, and Servicemembers are starting to take advantage of these useful, sometimes life-saving resources. The stigma that surrounds mental health issues is slowly being erased.

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